Bath and toilet aids

Making your daily personal hygiene routine easier

It is not always necessary to renovate the bathroom to be able to perform your personal hygiene routine more easily or independently. Often small adjustments, additions and the use of aids are enough to make everyday bathroom routines easier.

Brief description of products

  • The use of a bath hoist or a bath board allows personal hygiene routines to still be performed in the bath.

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  • By performing a transfer onto the fold-up shower seat, people with mobility issues can also take a shower in their own bathroom. The fold-up function ensures that it does not take up space when it is not in use.

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  • A shower chair or shower stool guarantees secure sitting when taking a shower. With height-adjustable legs and anti-slip suction cups, with or without armrests and backrests, they offer optimal security when taking a shower for people with balance disorders, people with reduced strength, and elderly people. The special shower cushions that are made of foamed material or gel offer optimal protection for sensitive skin in the area of the buttocks. This means that skin is also well-protected when taking a shower.

  • Handles offer security and support in all washroom areas, whether by the basin, in the bath, by the toilet or in the shower. They make sitting down and standing up easier and limit the risk of falling.

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