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A guided tour of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre

We will take you on a tour of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre and provide you with a unique insight into the comprehensive rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries. You will be introduced to the patients’ everyday therapy, get to know state-of-the-art electronic aids, and find out first-hand how the practice apartments for our patients are equipped.

On these tours we will share with you useful information about the manifold and necessary services provided in Nottwil for people with spinal cord injuries.


“After visiting the SPC, I became aware of what it means to deal with everyday life in a wheelchair.” - Susanne Widmer


Our tour guides  

Employees of the Swiss Paraplegic Group present their work for people with spinal cord injuries. They look forward to sharing their personal stories with you during your visit.




  • Participants

    Suitable for groups and individuals. Groups of over 25 people will be split into smaller groups.

  • Registration

    A registration is mandatory

  • Languages

    On request

  • Minimum age

    12 years

  • Costs

    The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation does not charge any fees for its guided tours through the Swiss Paraplegic Centre. However, we do very much appreciate your donation. Thank you.
    (Schweizer Paraplegiker-Stiftung, 6207 Nottwil, PC-Nr. 60-147293-5, IBAN-Nr. CH 14 0900 0000 6014 7293 5)

  • Deadlines

    Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons

  • Duration

    2 hours, 2 – 4 p.m

  • Individual needs

    We will try our best to satisfy individual requests

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Become a member

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