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What is effective? What is not noticeable? What is comfortable to wear? What works best in terms of handling? Selecting the right product in the case of health impairments, such as bladder dysfunction, for wound care and for ventilation is of key importance – for those affected and for their care staff. This is why we offer a wide range of high-quality products from various manufacturers. We are happy to advise you and to send you product samples wherever possible

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Attractive and matching underwear is also possible in the case of incontinence. UnderWunder® is a trendy underwear line for women and men with light to moderate urinary or faecal incontinence. It offers a genuine alternative to single-use pads.

How it works

Four quasi invisible absorbent layers absorb the liquid. A crosswise absorbent liner provides additional protection just where it is needed. The waterproof layer prevents leaks. There is also no need to worry about unpleasant smells. This gives you extra security and your skin remains dry.

Simply wash the underwear regularly

The high-quality underwear fits perfectly. Wash the underpants normally at 40° to 60° Celsius in the washing machine or by hand. The material is breathable and anti-allergenic

Available in sizes 36/38 to 52/54. Absorbency of about 125 ml in a period of four hours. The underpants can also be used in the case of irregular or strong menstrual periods.



Properties of women's and men's underwear:

•    Integrated absorbent liner
•    Absorbency of about 125 ml
•    Anti-allergenic
•    Traps odours
•    Material 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. Absorbency of about 125 ml in a period of four hours.



Women's and men's underwear suitable for:

•    Mild to moderate incontinence
•    Slow-flowing quantities of liquid
•    Not suitable for gushing loss of urine
•    Not suitable for overnight use



Bladder and bowel range

  • For intermittent self-catheterisation (ISC), there is a selection of catheters that are usually hydrophilic or pre-coated with lubricant. Our practical and convenient compact and pocket products are popular. In addition to single-use catheters, our range also includes a selection of indwelling and suprapubic catheters plus their accessories.

  • One of the most important features of condom catheters for men is wearing comfort. To achieve this, condom catheters made of synthetic materials are usually recommended today as they are super-elastic and self-adhesive. In addition to different sizes, the different versions comprise models with individual adhesive properties and adhesive areas, and shortened condom catheters, which are especially well suited in the case of a retracted and shortened penis. We have a selection of condom catheters from various manufacturers, which are available in sizes from 18 to 41 mm . To establish the correct size and diameter, please request a free measuring tape from us. Skin care products and complementary items increase the security of the condom catheters and complete the product range. Condom catheters are also suitable for recreational athletes such as paragliders and divers.

  • Our range includes different types of urine bags from renowned manufacturers for the most varied of requirements, for wheelchair users and able-bodied people. The most important features of leg bags are their different capacities, tube lengths that can be individually shortened, and the different types. Anatomically formed bags are also available, which are comfortable to wear on the leg. Models with double welded seams, where each bag is individually checked for leakage before being released for trade, provide a high level of security. Leg and urine bags are available in sterile and non-sterile options. In addition, we have a selection of bed urine bags and accessories in our range.

  • During transanal irrigation, water is pumped into the bowel, which stimulates the bowel muscles and results in gentle and effective emptying. One of these innovative systems has an app that controls the flow of water and records personal data. Many users empty their bowels every other day, which allows them to achieve well-being and quality of life.

  • Being able to control urine and stool voluntarily is of paramount importance in our society. A wide range of products for various forms of incontinence have been developed to help people affected and to overcome uncertainty and isolation, thus making active participation in social life possible. In our warehouse, we have a comprehensive selection of incontinence pads with various levels of absorbency by renowned manufacturers. Some are suitable for the loss of just a few drops of urine, while others can absorb large quantities of urine and stool. These innovative products also neutralise unpleasant odours.

  • Whether you have to use a stoma system permanently or only temporarily, we will be happy to order customised products for you in consultation with your stoma therapist.

  • Sterile gloves, products for disinfection of mucous membranes and disinfection of hands, body wash, positioning cushions and other care items help, to prevent infections.

Depending on the situation, draining products or absorbent products are recommended for emptying your bladder. The trendy and convenient compact and pocket products are popular.. A selection of innovative and tried-and-tested products are available for faecal incontinence and constipation. Transanal irrigation (TAI) products allow mechanical emptying of the bowel. Anal tampons prevent unwanted and uncontrolled loss of stool. Care products and disinfectants support their safe use.

Wound care range

  • Chronic wounds require appropriate care and treatment. State-of-the-art technologies and materials ensure optimal wound care. You will find the whole selection in our shop.

  • Quick bandages and adhesive plasters are useful for rapid first aid in the case of smaller injuries. You can treat burns, cuts and grazes with the appropriate plaster. You will find the whole selection in our shop.

  • Compresses are wound pads that are usually made of gauze or non-woven material. They are available as sterile and non-sterile products. You will find the whole selection in our shop.

Wounds need to be carefully looked after, cleaned and covered with a clean dressing. You will find everything here from simple adhesive plasters for cuts to innovative hydrocolloid dressings for chronic wounds. We have a wide range of products from renowned wound specialists. Complementary products for optimal wound care are also available.

Ventilation range

  • Removing secretions from the respiratory tract is extremely important for ventilated patients. Special atraumatic catheters ensure a gentle suctioning process.

  • Selecting the correct cannula is the utmost priority for ventilated patients. Various models are available in different materials, lengths, diameters, shapes and functions.

We have a selection of tracheal cannulas, suction catheters and various accessories in our warehouse for people requiring a high level of care and for ventilated people. Further items for intensive care are ordered from renowned manufacturers and delivered within a short period of time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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