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What is effective? What is not noticeable? What is comfortable to wear? What works best in terms of handling? Selecting the right product in the case of health impairments, such as bladder dysfunction, for wound care and for ventilation is of key importance – for those affected and for their care staff. This is why we offer a wide range of high-quality products from various manufacturers. We are happy to advise you and to send you product samples wherever possible

Bladder and bowel range

Depending on the situation, draining products or absorbent products are recommended for emptying your bladder. The trendy and convenient compact and pocket products are popular.. A selection of innovative and tried-and-tested products are available for faecal incontinence and constipation. Transanal irrigation (TAI) products allow mechanical emptying of the bowel. Anal tampons prevent unwanted and uncontrolled loss of stool. Care products and disinfectants support their safe use.

Wound care range

Wounds need to be carefully looked after, cleaned and covered with a clean dressing. You will find everything here from simple adhesive plasters for cuts to innovative hydrocolloid dressings for chronic wounds. We have a wide range of products from renowned wound specialists. Complementary products for optimal wound care are also available.

Ventilation range

We have a selection of tracheal cannulas, suction catheters and various accessories in our warehouse for people requiring a high level of care and for ventilated people. Further items for intensive care are ordered from renowned manufacturers and delivered within a short period of time.

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