Catheters are thin tubes made of soft plastic. They are inserted into the body to help empty the bladder.

A distinction is made between indwelling catheters, which are intended for long-term use in patients, and disposable catheters for single use.

Essential for people with a spinal cord injury

If bladder control has been disturbed due to a spinal cord injury, it is no longer possible to control the passing of urine independently.

If the bladder is not emptied regularly, urine can back up. This may allow infections to reach the kidneys through the ureter and may result in febrile illnesses. There is a risk of bladder infections or urinary tract infections. In addition to a bladder infection, the Guttmann reflex may also occur as a complication (autonomic dysreflexia – described in the diagram). This is (usually) more acute than a bladder infection.

Urinary tract infections may damage the kidneys and lead to kidney failure or favour the development of kidney stones. In the worst case, urosepsis may develop (blood poisoning caused by bacteria from the urogenital tract).

Before medicine was able to use antibiotics as therapy, countless people with a spinal cord injury died of urosepsis.

Possible applications for people with a spinal cord injury

To maintain as much independence as possible, people with the spinal cord injury use the catheter themselves (self-catheterisation). For intermittent self-catheterisation (ISC), there is a selection of single-use catheters that are usually hydrophilic or pre-coated with lubricant.

In this instructional video we will show you a simple, safe and hygienic way to proceed (specific product-related handling of a catheter for men). Although it is recommended that you wait 60 seconds to allow the disinfection of the mucous membrane to take effect, this is regrettably not mentioned in the video.

Orthotec – your catheter specialist

Our practical and convenient compact and pocket products are popular. In addition to single-use catheters, our range also includes a selection of indwelling and suprapubic catheters plus accessories.

Catheters are as varied as the people who use them, which is why individual advice is essential. Our ordering and advice service will be happy to help you select the right catheter for you. Please call us.

We will deliver your catheters daily by first-class mail, free of delivery costs (within Switzerland). Express deliveries and deliveries abroad will incur the relevant postage costs.

If you need the same catheters regularly, why not set up a standing order? You will receive a 5 % discount and the automatic delivery of your products at the end of every month.

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