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Wheelchair sports aids

Orthotec Rollstuhlsport Basketballspieler klatschen sich ab

Athletics, hand bike, basketball, rugby, tennis and badminton, snow sports, fun sports, and many more.

Our mission is #freedomofmovement. At Orthotec you will find various wheelchair sports aids for individual sports, elite sports and recreational sports. We adjust sports wheelchairs for adults and for children. We sell an extremely wide selection of brands and offer a superb range of our own-brand OT FOXX products for wheelchair athletics.

Benefit from a comprehensive offer ranging from advice to manufacturing and sales, and to our international racing service and repairs. We also produce individually adjusted accessories for wheelchair sports, such as runners, belts and sports gloves. In addition, we offer customised sports aids for para athletes with various physical disabilities.

Wheelchair Sports team

We always speak at eye level. From athlete to athlete. We are proud of our unique team of advisers: former international top-ranking wheelchair athletes, experienced coaches, and technicians who know what success depends on and who work on refinements with you.

Sports development


Elite wheelchair sports are an innovation driver for Orthotec.

When the best people in their disciplines commit to a joint goal, solutions arise that set new standards, which is something we love and something that serves the well-being of wheelchair users. This is why we drive innovation with our projects and create networks of experts for this purpose.

Improvements relating to materials, manufacturing processes, aerodynamics and shapes are channelled into general wheelchair technology, medicine, and rehabilitation of people with a spinal cord injury.

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This is Orthotec

Wheelchair sports are in our DNA.

Orthotec works hand-in-hand with the specialist Swiss Paraplegic Centre clinic. The wheelchair sports facilities in our headquarters in Nottwil are among the most advanced in the world. It is our pleasure to achieve optimal results for you. As a dealer and manufacturer, we develop specialist solutions that allow you to live your dream of #freedomofmovement.

The Swiss company Orthotec AG is a charitable subsidiary of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. We offer aids and services to promote #freedomofmovement for people with a spinal cord injury and similar disabilities. More than 80 employees work in the five areas of competence: vehicle adaptation; rehabilitation technology; orthopaedic technology; incontinence products and daily living aids; and wheelchair sports. Orthotec was founded in 1994 with its headquarters in Nottwil (Canton Lucerne, Switzerland) and a subsidiary for vehicle adaptation in Cugy (Canton Vaud, Switzerland). We serve the Swiss and the international market.

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