Hand mountain bike

The OT-FOXX is about to scale new heights!

What better place to develop a new type of hand mountain bike than in the typical landscape of Switzerland with its hills and mountains? Which is exactly what we thought, too. Off the road and out into nature, dear active wheelchair users! Propelled forwards by a cross-country bike that sets new standards: the OT FOXX K1. It is designed for challenging routes where you need to go up and go down.

As is already the case for the racing wheelchair, we are developing the high-tech sports device together with Sauber Technologies. We are supported by the renowned Swiss bicycle manufacturer Thömus. In early December 2022, we revealed the prototypes at Swiss Handicap in Lucerne, Switzerland. The K1 stands for action and reliable riding fun.

So, you think it sounds great, but you still have a few questions? Let's go!


What’s so fantastic about the OT FOXX K1 hand mountain bike?

So much, we think! The results of the prototype are promising. We have found the optimum balance between a low centre of gravity and a large gap above the ground. The OT FOXX K1 is stable and manoeuvrable at the same time thanks to its short wheelbase. The traction on the ground is excellent. The chain system allows reliable and gentle operation. Further advantages consist of the ergonomic seating position and intuitive steering.

When can I try it out?

The procurement situation on the bicycle market remains difficult. We are taking a cautious approach. We are aiming for a zero series for initial test rides in the second half of 2023. We believe that our customers will be out and about on the hand mountain bike at some point in 2024.

What does it cost?

The price has not yet been determined. We are currently assuming a starting price of CHF 15,000.

How can I get a bike like this?

Write to us so we can put you on the relevant mailing list and keep you informed about the next steps.

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