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We provide rescue and emergency medical training, on-site training and continuing education for professionals and lay people at a high level of quality and are actively involved in shaping rescue and emergency medicine, as well as rescue service education in Switzerland.

  • Let us work together to increase the chances of survival and improve initial care for people in emergency situations. Each of us can save lives. Each of us can be affected. Attend one of our first aid courses and allow professionals (certified paramedics (HF) and specialist nurses) to convince you that saving lives starts with first responders.

  • Do you work for an emergency service, in an emergency department, in an intensive care unit or in a department of anaesthesiology?

    Then refresh your current knowledge, enhance your skills and ensure that you remain a specialist in high demand. You can find out what is available to you here: your training doesn't stop when you acquire a job title. In the field of medicine where knowledge is known to expand at a rapid pace, it is important to keep your eye on the ball and stay on the leading edge of the latest developments. Our advanced professional training programme contains both seminars aimed primarily at acquiring skills and team training sessions that address the whole patient care chain. You will also find a selection of courses run by internationally recognised institutions (ERC, AHA, NAEMT, EuSim).

  • Education and training are important components of safe and quality-oriented patient care. Increasingly complex treatment strategies that are frequently implemented in an interprofessional and interdisciplinary context have created the need for joint training. Simulation is a method ideally suited to these kinds of learning objectives and to developing skills at an individual, team and organisational level. The decisive factor is a close connection to the situation in one's own organisation. And who better to establish this connection than the employees themselves?

    The SIRMED SimCenter is a cooperative simulation centre where you can implement your own simulation programme. Use the excellent infrastructure of the SimCenter and benefit from the expertise of our instructors and our experience of more than fifteen years as a professional teaching establishment.

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Training as a paramedic

Paramedics save lives. A varied, exciting and challenging profession - Register with SIRMED and save lives!

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