Conservative pain medicine

Conservative pain therapy refers to all somatic (physical, relating to the body) approaches to pain therapy which cannot be designated as neurology or intervention.

In general, it is comprised of many of the medical aspects of multimodal pain therapy, and includes, among other things, orthopaedic and neurosurgical diagnosis and therapy (excluding operative measures).
Conservative pain therapy also incorporates the broad field of complementary medicine. The Centre for Pain Medicine currently offers a variety of complementary medical treatments, including acupuncture, neural therapy, medical hypnosis and anthroposophic medicine.

Orthopädische Untersuchung im Zentrum für Schmerzmedizin

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  • Tim Reck, M.D., MSc

    Head of Conservative Pain Medicine

    SGSS Pain Specialist
    SSIPM Interventional Pain Therapist
    Special pain therapy (D, A)

  • Cem Yetimoglu, M.D.

    Senior Physician

    Neurosurgery FMH
    Complementary medicine