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The Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) Nottwil is Europe’s largest clinic for acute medicine and the rehabilitation and integration of people with spinal cord injuries. Since first opening in 1990, the SPC has tripled in size.

The SPC, which employs around 1,250 specialists from 80 professional backgrounds, is responsible for approximately two-thirds of all the yearly nursing care provided to para- and tetraplegics in Switzerland. The SPC is financed in part by service-based contributions from insurance companies and cantons, and in part by funds from the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation and boasts a world-class infrastructure with rooms for interaction, training programmes and sports.

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Swiss Paraplegic Centre – national and international leaders in paraplegic, spinal cord and respiratory care. Acute, rehabilitation, lifelong. For paraplegics and non-paraplegics alike.



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