Schweizer Paraplegiker-Zentrum - Berufliche und soziale Integration

Social and professional integration

The goal of all Swiss Paraplegic Group organisations is to provide comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation to people with spinal cord injuries. An important part of this rehabilitation is the patient’s social and professional integration, which we seek to achieve by way of a wide selection of tailor-made measures and services.

Our services

  • With rehabilitation comes a fresh start to life, or the return to a previous way of life but with all new conditions. Social and professional integration (or reintegration) therefore play an extremely important role in the rehabilitation process.

  • ParaWork

    ParaWork offers customised programmes to help its clients enter the workforce.

  • ParaSchool serves as an educational bridge between inpatient hospitalisation and the everyday life of a student. It provides a thread of normalcy which patients can grab onto during their stay at the clinic, and allows patients to stay connected to school life by maintaining their status as students.


Our team

We are a skilled team of professionals with experience in a number of different backgrounds. As members of the ParaWork team, secretariat and counselling services, we actively help patients achieve social and professional/educational reintegration. We counsel, support, encourage, challenge and accompany inpatients on their path from the early stages of recovery to an autonomous way of life. Upon discharge, we offer patients a wide range of outpatient occupational and social counselling services.

Foto der Abteilung Soziale und berufliche Eingliederung

Our Social and Professional Integration Team

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