Clinical Trial Unit

The Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) supports Swiss Paraplegic Group (SPG) researchers with the planning, implementation and coordination of their clinical research projects by offering a variety of services which include consulting and continuing education.
In particular, CTU workers help study managers to comply with national and international laws and regulations regarding the implementation of clinical research projects at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC).

Die Clinical Trial Unit koordiniert und unterstützt die klinische forschung mit studienspezifischen Dienstleistungen und Beratungen

The CTU at the service of clinical research

The Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO) coordinates collaborations between Swiss CTUs. Most of the members of this umbrella organisation are government-funded, university CTUs. The primary purpose of the SCTO is to help its members with the establishment and implementation of internationally-recognised quality standards for conducting clinical studies, the organisation of educational and advanced training opportunities and the management of data. Although CTU Nottwil is not university-based, it was awarded SCTO member status in 2014 after a lengthy and rigorous application process, and now benefits from all the advantages of this network.

Participation in large-scale national and international studies has allowed the SPC Applied Clinical Research Department to develop many connections in the research world. Two of the most prominent of these studies are the EMSCI (European Multicenter Study about Spinal Cord Injury) and SwiSCI (Swiss Spinal Cord Injury Cohort Study).

In 2017, the strategic managers of CTU Nottwil teamed up with Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS) and the University of Lucerne to create the CTU of Central Switzerland. This Central Swiss network seeks to take advantage of an efficient network of applied clinical research partners to enhance the quality of its research.

Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) Team

  • Angela Frotzler, Ph.D. in Biology

    Clinical Trial Unit Director
    Telephone +41 41 939 55 61

    Tasks: Process group direction, member of the extended SPC executive board, EKNZ Vice President, Operations Director for CTU Central Switzerland, project management, statistical consulting, supervision of MSc, M.D. and Ph.D. students

  • Dr. Gabi Müller Verbiest

    Telephone + 41 41 939 55 63

    Tasks: CTU Nottwil management representative, student coordination, project management, quality management, supervision of MSc, M.D. and Ph.D. students

  • Jörg Krebs, Ph.D.

    Telephone + 41 41 939 59 46

    Tasks: Statistical consulting, project management, supervision of MSc, M.D. and Ph.D. students, drafting of scientific publications, SPC urology syllabi planning

  • Dr. Inge-Marie Velstra

    Telephone + 41 41 939 59 45

    Tasks: Monitoring, archive management, project management, supervision of MSc, M.D. and Ph.D. students

  • Stefanie Tesini

    Data manager
    Telephone + 41 41 939 59 64

     Tasks: Database management (SecuTrial®)

  • Corinne Funk

    Research Assistant
    Telephone + 41 41 939 59 61

    Tasks: On-site management + data collection for the SwiSCI

  • Elisabeth Jacob

    Research Assistant
    Telephone +41 41 939 59 62

     Tasks: On-site management + data collection for the SwiSCI

  • Anja Raab

    Ph.D. student
    Telephone + 41 41 939 59 66

     Tasks: Implementation, analysis and publication of Ph.D. studies (respiration after a spinal cord injury, RESCOM study)

  • Evelyn Rickenbacher

    Research Assistant
    Telephone + 41 41 939 59 71

  • Carole Weiner

    Assistant Research Knowledge Innovation
    Telephone +41 41 939 55 66

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