Coaching for profession/professional training

The person with a spinal cord injury is the expert on his or her life.

We are the experts on the process of occupational integration.


We accompany people with limited mobility as they enter the professional world or return to the labour market. After several months of rehabilitation and intensive support from ParaWork employees on-site in the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil, people with a spinal cord injury are confronted with the first professional challenges on the labour market. In this process, we offer our comprehensive know-how to the person with a spinal cord injury and to their partners in the system, such as employers and the appropriate social insurance companies. In the case of more complex challenges, we can rely on the knowledge within our team.

The person with a spinal cord injury is the main focus of our work. We use a solution-oriented approach in our work and try to reinforce the strengths of people with a spinal cord injury.

The Swiss Paraplegic Group pursues the goal of offering people with a spinal cord injury a comprehensive network of services for life. An important task of a coach is to integrate people with a spinal cord injury into the group’s network. The various disciplines within the group are aligned with the overriding goal. Interprofessional cooperation allows the process of occupational integration to be optimally designed. In the event of difficult situations, expert medical, therapeutic and advisory staff from the whole group can be involved. This enables us to provide a comprehensive offer with all the necessary support for occupational integration.

We frequently accompany our clients from the outset to the completion of occupational integration in the labour market. Due to the complex situation and the comprehensive challenges for people with limited mobility, occupational integration can often take several years. All our endeavours serve the goal of achieving the highest level of independence possible for people with a spinal cord injury in their professional life with the corresponding context factors. We also aim to build their self-confidence in dealing with their health situation.

Comprehensive and transparent documentation of the whole process of occupational integration is important to us. Shortly before the completion of occupational integration, we record the stress limit (presence) and work performance of the people with a spinal cord injury. This information may be important for the appropriate social insurance companies or if a pension assessment is required.

Profession and professional training are often not clearly demarcated. Our endeavour to find sustainable solutions remains the same in both areas. In terms of professional training, we also work intensively with those responsible in the appropriate areas of training. Our aim is to create situations where our clients can complete suitable education and further training courses based on their resources. If required, we implement measures to compensate for disadvantages and organise suitable remedial training in order to ensure that the desired educational target is achieved.

We offer our coaching sessions all over Switzerland.

We look forward to working with you.


Hier erfahren Sie, wie unser Coach Pirmin Wolfisberg seine Klienten zielgerichtet unterstützt.


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