Infectious Diseases

Infections are a common complication following spinal cord injury, and must be taken seriously. In the majority of cases, the bladder or airways are affected, though infections arising from pressure sores are also common.

Increasing resistance to antibiotics can make choosing the right therapy a difficult challenge.

Dealing responsibly with antibiotics is important to us. Internally, we have an interdisciplinary infectious diseases and hygiene board which monitors antibiotics resistance and antibiotics use, provides recommendations on treatment for frequent infections, and regularly organises advanced training for our staff on topics related to infectious diseases and hospital hygiene. 

In the event of specific questions arising, the Swiss Paraplegic Centre will appoint a qualified specialist for infectious diseases on a consultancy basis. We operate an interdisciplinary treatment concept that was established several years ago in collaboration with colleagues in the Plastic Surgery department and the Consulting Physician for Infectious Diseases, specifically for the complex treatment of pressure sores with bone infection.

If needed, we work closely with Prof. Vogt, FMH Infectious Diseases as the Consulting Physician in order to identify the ideal medication for the relevant patient to treat the infection.

Our consulting physician

  • Prof. Markus Vogt

    FMH Infectious Diseases


  • Outpatient Care Unit, SPC Nottwil

    Heidi Ammann, Head of Outpatient Scheduling
    Telephone +41 41 939 58 58
    Fax +41 41 939 58 57

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