Acute care

When the illness suddenly takes a new turn

Acute care is characterised by rapidly changing patient circumstances, and is extremely difficult to predict and manage. It must be performed in a quick and personalised manner. The acute phase is the limited period of time during an acute illness or after an accident that requires medically indicated, therapeutic and nursing treatment.

Patients at the core of our services

The goal of acute care is to encourage healing, reduce the severity level of the illness and minimise both symptoms and the prevention measures that are used to combat them. It is designed for patients with complex diseases and chronic illnesses that suddenly take a turn for the worse.


Modern infrastructure and concepts

Since the end of 2019, all acute medical services are housed in a new state-of-the-art facility. This facility will also be the site of development aimed at creating new treatment-related concepts and standards.

Highlighting the patient process

All care is centred around evidence-based guidelines. These guidelines include services that span the initial consultation, admission, diagnosis, therapy and discharge, all the way to post-discharge and outpatient procedures.

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