Feldenkrais Therapy

Feldenkrais is a method that is based not on intervention, but self-regulation.

Feldenkrais work, focused on the nervous system’s self-awareness, stimulates highly neurologically active events that seem almost passive.

This influences the patient’s body image in such a way that – depending on the form of the disorder – improvements can be expected in balance, fine and gross motor skills, and in speaking, gripping, sitting in the wheelchair, and walking.

Feldenkrais im Schweizer Paraplegiker-Zentrum

Feldenkrais therapy at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre

Our services

Inpatient and outpatient individual therapy and groups.

  • Feldenkrais method

  • Tellington TTouch for You
  • Somatic Experiencing following Dr. Peter Levine


Our fields of activity

  • Incomplete paralysis

  • Complete paralysis

  • Tetraplegia
  • Paraplegia
  • Whiplash
  • Pain patients
  • Neurological diseases



  • Feldenkrais method

  • Tellington TTouch for You -> see download

  • Somatic Experiencing following Peter Levine-> see download



Improvement in:

  • Body perception / body image
  • Coordination
  • Gait/stability when walking
  • Initiating movement processes
  • Respiration / becoming aware of internal spaces
  • Pain in the locomotor system


German, English, French and Italian


Costs for outpatient Feldenkrais therapy

CHF 130 / 60 mins.


Supported by health insurance companies

Outpatients can invoice through their supplementary insurance.


Our Feldenkrais teachers

Our team consists of three qualified Feldenkrais Teachers SFV



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