Music therapy

Music therapy is an independent, psychodynamically-oriented treatment procedure in which music is used in the therapeutic process, specifically to promote, preserve and restore health and for diagnostic purposes.

Through listening, music opens the door to the inner core of the individual, promoting both sensory perception and processing what is perceived. Music can be a supplement to language or a substitute for it. It inspires emotions and can express them. Music arouses interest and is a motivator for creativity; it creates a feeling of community and connection, activates movement, and is physically appreciable.


Singing bowl therapy at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre

Our services

Inpatient and outpatient music therapy in an individual setting; also in groups in some cases.


Our range of services

  • Creative confrontation of problems

  • Activating powers of self-healing

  • Support in managing illness
  • Dealing with trauma
  • Emotional and physical relaxation
  • Restoring physical, mental and spiritual balance
  • Activating, promoting and developing individual resources
  • Creating awareness of feelings, needs, conflicts and blockages
  • Expanding and differentiating the capacity to experience
  • Developing the capacity for expression
  • Stimulation for voluntary motor movement, self-efficacy


  • Free and scenic improvisation (instrumental, vocal)
  • Listening to music as a way of accessing the patient’s own needs, ideas and wishes
  • Imagination, journey of sound, world of sound
  • Singing bowls

Primary indications

  • Acute and chronic pain

  • Psychosomatic symptoms

  • Restriction of communication
  • Long periods of bed rest


German, English, French and Italian


Costs for outpatient music therapy

CHF 100 / 60 mins.


Supported by medical health insurance companies

Costs not currently assumed by the health insurance companies.


Our music therapists

Our team consists of two qualified music therapists.


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