Referring doctors

Dear colleague,

If when making a referral you are unsure which examination is best for your patient, please give us a call on +41 41 939 55 77. We'll be happy to help!

After the exam, all patients receive a CD with their images. The results are also sent to you in written form no later than 6 hours after the end of the examination.

Patient wird an der Anmeldung Radiologie bedient im Schweizer Paraplegikerzentrum

What should I pay attention to when making a referral?

  • For CT scans with a CM: Latest creatinine blood test results (no later than three months old)
  • CT scans of the abdomen: on an empty stomach, patient may need to drink a contrast medium one hour before the exam
  • Abdominal ultrasounds: always on an empty stomach and with a full bladder
  • MRIs: no pacemakers, no electronic implants

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