Therapeutic and Curative Riding


A one-on-one holistic experience with and on the horse has a positive effect on the condition and wellbeing of the client.


  • Building trust and a relationship with the horse
  • Caring for, leading and being carried by the horse
  • Being moved and carried on horseback
  • Promoting bodily awareness and motor coordination skills
  • Building self-confidence and perseverance
  • Improving communication and cooperative behaviour
  • Relieving cramps and tension


  • People with anxiety, cramps and tension
  • People with balance and coordination disorders
  • People with behavioural problems with a variety of causes
  • Emotional development disorders
  • Various forms of mental and psychosomatic illnesses
  • Psychomotor findings, poor body awareness
  • Minimal cerebral movement disorders
  • Learning and mental disabilities
  • Speech impairments and speech development disorders
  • Therapy fatigue

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