Gait analysis

In our 3D movement analysis laboratory, we conduct objective, standardised gait analysis for issues relating to gait disorders of various causes.

We have specialist infrared cameras for recording 3D movements. In addition, two force-measuring plates are embedded in the ground to gauge ground reaction forces and gather kinetic data. Furthermore, EMG devices record the muscle activity of surface muscles. For each analysis, conventional video recordings are also used to provide standardised video documentation.


Ascertaining the gait pattern

This data is used to plot and analyse the gait pattern at different levels. These examinations serve not only the identification of causes of gait abnormalities but also the comparison of gait images before and after therapy, orthopaedic splint adaptation, and documentation of progress during the rehabilitation process.

Several light-reflecting markers are glued to the patient’s skin before the examination. These markers are then used to define the individual segments (foot, lower leg, upper leg, pelvis, thorax and arm). The precise position of these segments and their movement in relation to one another are used to represent the kinematic and kinetic curves.

The patient wears underwear or closely fitting shorts for the examination. Gait analysis is a painless procedure for the patient.

Analysis of the test results

After the investigation, the results are analysed by an expert and, if possible, discussed with the referring doctor and physiotherapist. Finally, a report is drawn up containing the most important results and possible treatment options.

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