Physical Therapy

The teaching of physical curative therapies encompasses physical medicine, physical therapy and physiotherapy. These terms have the same etymological root, which comes from the Greek word ‘physis’, meaning nature.

Activating self-healing abilities

The means and methods of activating self-healing abilities are predominantly physical in nature. They have a supportive effect and increase the patient’s resources for recovery. As such, it is necessary to integrate physical therapy into the overall treatment concept, especially if the focus is on surgical or medicinal measures, although these alone may not result in treatment success (cf. Wiedemann, Ernst: Physikalische Therapie. Grundlagen-Methoden-Anwendung. de Gruyter, Berlin).

A wide range of treatments

At the SPC, Physical Therapy is a standalone area within Physiotherapy and comprises a wide range of methods. Conventional physical therapy is understood as treatment methods that act on the body using physical laws, e.g. through the application of heat, light, force, electricity and magnetic fields, balneotherapy and hydrotherapy. In addition to these traditional treatments, other special therapies have since become established based on positive experience.

The treatments offered at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC), comprising traditional and special physical therapies, represent a significant expansion of the programme of complementary therapies, which are greatly appreciated and widely used by many patients. These therapies are offered exclusively to inpatients.

    • Acupuncture massage: Meridian and acupuncture stimulation without needles
    • Aroma and relaxation therapy: Inhalation or absorption of aromatic essences and essential oils by the skin
    • Connective tissue massage: manual stimulation therapy using a variety of cutaneous, subcutaneous and fascial techniques
    • Colonic treatment/colonic massage: stimulation of the colon ascendens/transversum/descendens and the abdomen
    • Craniosacral therapy: manual procedure based on osteopathy; therapy includes structural and biodynamic treatment in accordance with the Cranio Suisse and ODA KT standards
    • Colour and meridian therapy: Stimulation of the meridian system according to the five-element principle by applying colour to acupuncture points
    • Energetic static treatment: manual therapeutic work on the pelvis, spine and peripheral joints
    • Traditional massage: mechanical, predominantly manual manipulation of the skin, the underlying tissue structures and the muscles using various techniques, such as kneading, stroking, rubbing, vibration, and tapping
    • Complex physical decongestive therapy: treatment of lymphoedema, comprising various components: manual lymph drainage, compression therapy, movement exercises, bedding, and skin care
    • Manual lymph drainage: stimulation of the lymph vessel system with gentle, rhythmic gripping techniques, taking to account the direction of lymph drainage
    • Myofascial trigger point treatment: targeted treatment of painful, hardened muscle structures
    • Scar treatment: we offer different scar treatment options depending on the nature of the scar, at a subtle energy and a physical level
    • Acoustic reflex control: recognition of the entire human body though zones in the ear and targeting of interference zones in regions of the body
    • Progressive muscle relaxation (individual and group work): method for relaxing muscles and muscle groups; voluntary tensing and relaxation leads to deep relaxation of the whole body
    • Reflexology therapy of the hand: stimulation of reflex zones on the hand to influence organs, muscles, the spine, peripheral joints and the autonomic nervous system
    • Reflexology therapy of the foot: stimulation of reflex zones on the foot to influence organs, muscles, the spine, peripheral joints and the autonomic nervous system
    • Reflexology therapy of the ear: stimulation of reflex zones in the ear to influence organs, muscles, the spine, peripheral joints and the autonomic nervous system
    • Tension-relieving massage: extensive massaging of areas of the body to balance the meridian system
    • Somatic trauma therapy: therapeutic method for coping with all levels of shock and trauma
    • Tellington TTouch for You: gently body work that uses various gripping techniques and intuition to activate the original potential of the cell
    • Thermotherapy: a range of applications of heat and cold
    • Ultrasound: classed as electrotherapy, with an analgesic, hyperemic and muscle-relaxing effect
    • Visceral treatment: subdivision of craniosacral therapy; treats the inner organs, vessels and parts of the nervous system


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