Ergotherapie Autotransfer Schweizer Paraplegiker Zentrum

Occupational Therapy

The Swiss Paraplegic Centre uses occupational therapy to support patients whose activities are limited by various clinical conditions. The aim is to facilitate self-sufficiency, making work pursuits possible as well as leisure and relaxation in order to enable patients to reintegrate into the world of work and to participate in social life.

Skilled and personalised care

Our trained staff provide skilled and personalised guidance and care. They specialise in rehabilitating patients with spinal cord injuries, as well as diseases or injuries of the spine. We treat inpatients and outpatients from all over Switzerland and the world, providing expert follow-up care. Our mission is to work with patients and support them as they reintegrate into their everyday life with as much self-reliance as possible, thereby achieving the best possible quality of life.

This holistically oriented therapy works on physiological, psychological-pedagogical and social aspects.


Treatments we offer

Professional groups

To aid quality assurance and enable the implementation of new evidence-based knowledge in our treatments, our therapy area includes specialist groups with the following focus areas:


Our specialists

  • Pirmin Oberson

    Pirmin Oberson

    Co-Head of Therapy Management
  • Jessica Decker Co-Leiterin Therapiemanagement

    Jessica Decker

    Co-Head of Therapy Management
  • Anna Schär

    Anna Schär

    Head of Occupational Therapy


Administration office hours

Monday to Thursday
7.30 am to midday
1 pm to 5 pm

7.30 am to midday
1 pm to 4 pm


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