Patient school/ParaSchool

ParaSchool serves as an educational bridge between inpatient hospitalisation and the everyday life of a student. It provides a thread of normalcy which patients can grab onto during their stay at the clinic..

The school director coordinates lessons with the original or new school, and organises classes in the school at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre. We teach all the main school subjects to students of all education levels, and tailor our lessons to conform with the highest pedagogical values. Patients take final examinations or tests to obtain Swiss certification in the respective subject. It takes extensive know-how and many years of rehabilitation experience to be able to properly coordinate school lessons with patient treatments.

ParaSchool has entered into an agreement with the Office of Elementary School Education of the Canton of Lucerne regarding the schooling of pupils of elementary school age, and is recognised as an official hospital school.

Main ParaSchool functions

  • With regard to schooling: Preparation and organisation of the return to the original school

  • Ensuring adequate performance in all the main subjects (elementary school, high school, apprenticeship, etc.)

  • Motivation, mobilisation and the teaching of material from the original school
  • Development of concentration skills and performance
  • Defining and practising new work and learning techniques
  • Composition and application of measures aimed at positive discrimination
  • Remedial education for external students
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary education

Our specialist

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