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Applied clinical research

At the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC), we conduct applied clinical research to make improvements to the acute care and rehabilitation of people with paraplegia and other conditions associated with spinal cord injuries.

As a company, the goal of the SPC is to develop its research. SPC Director Hans-Peter Gmünder, M.D., sums it up nicely: “Without clinical research, there’s no such thing as clinical excellence.” Such an attitude highlights the importance of applied clinical research in the SPC’s ability to provide the best possible medical and therapeutic care to its patients. Clinical research is carried out by various departments within the SPC on an interdisciplinary basis, and in direct contact with patients.

Each year, around 15–20 new clinical research projects get underway at the SPC, while 50–60 scientific papers are published by or in conjunction with SPC employees.

  • Ines Bersch has received the Meinecke award from the DMGP (German non-profit organisation for the distribution of knowledge concerning the treatment of persons with spinal cord injury) for the best abstract presented.

    During the 31st annual meeting of the “German Speaking Medical Society for Paraplegia” (DMGP), which took place between 16 – 19 May 2018 in Vienna, Ines Bersch (MSc), head of the Functional Electrical Stimulation Lab (FES) at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre, was awarded the Meinecke award for the best abstract presented for her work on the topic: “Electrical stimulation - A mapping system for hand function in tetraplegia”.

    We are overjoyed at this success and extend our sincerest congratulations to Ines Bersch!

    Preisübergabe an Ines Bersch

    Ines Bersch at the 'Meinecke Award' Ceremony during the Annual DMGP Scientific Meeting in Vienna

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