Handchirurgie und Tetrahandchirurgie im Schweizer Paraplegiker Zentrum

Hand and Tetra Hand Surgery

The Department for Hand Surgery is one of a kind in Europe: the only centre of excellence geared towards patients with underlying neurological diseases. The hand team specialises in fully or partially returning arm and hand function to patients with tetraplegia (cervical spine paralysis). In this process, muscles, tendons or nerves are surgically relocated and joined together. The interdisciplinary team consists of surgeons, rehabilitation doctors and hand therapists.

Treatments we offer

  • Outpatient consultations for patients with or without underlying neurological diseases
  • Reconstruction of elbow extension or hand function for patients with tetraplegia
  • Nerve transfer for reconstructing elbow extension and hand function for patients with tetraplegia
  • Surgical procedures to reduce spasticity (operation for muscle balancing and joint stabilisation)
  • All elective procedures in hand surgery, such as scar correction, Dupuytren’s contracture, tendon sheath narrowing (trigger digit), ganglion, nerve congestion syndromes in the arm and hand (e.g. carpal tunnel or ulnar nerve entrapment), joint denervations, surgery in the event of osteoarthritis

Consultation for hands

  • Interdisciplinary examination of existing hand and arm functions,
  • Comprehensive information on non-surgical and/or surgical treatment options by a hand team.
  • Assessment of present pain or sensitivity problems in the hand and initiation of non-surgical and/or surgical treatment options.


Surgical operations are mostly only performed if no further improvement is to be expected. This is the case after six months in the event of complete spinal cord injury, for example. However, examination and advice is useful as soon as possible after paralysis occurs, particularly if nerve transposition is under consideration. The hand team consults with patients regularly in initial rehabilitation.

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