Everyday Assistance

The Swiss Paraplegic Group takes a holistic approach when it comes to the rehabilitation of people with paraplegia. Our range of services is extensive, and covers much more than just medical care.

In order for patients to find fulfillment in their lives, they must be reintegrated into their families, society and the workforce. We help paraplegics meet these challenges and more, from the time of the accident until the end of their lives:

  • Professional integration
  • Family
  • Sport and hobbies
  • Sex
  • Legal and insurance-related questions
  • Disabled-friendly construction
  • Mobility (e.g. converting a vehicle, aids)
  • The training of relatives and professionals in home-based care
  • Old age and wheelchair use

People both with and without paraplegia can take advantage of the wide selection of services offered by the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation and its subsidiaries.

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