Wheelchair Seating Centre

The objective of the Wheelchair Seat Centre is to implement preventive and corrective measures to avoid complications and/or rectify them as far as possible..

An interdisciplinary team consisting of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, orthopaedic technicians and specialists in spinal cord medicine work in the Wheelchair Seating Centre (RSZ). The team is specialised in treating inpatients and outpatients with complex issues relating to wheelchair seats, such as poor posture, scoliosis, asymmetries, pressure sores, and pain. The SPC treatment concept forms the basis for the RSZ. Through our work, we contribute to maintaining the best possible quality of life for patients, on an individualised basis. The objective is to implement inventive and corrective measures to avoid complications and/or to rectify them as far as possible.


  • Detailed findings in accordance with ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health)
  • Prevention of malposition through the early optimisation of the patient’s seating position
  • Correction of malposition through the adaptation of seating provision
  • Adaptation, assessment and new provision of aids (wheelchairs, seat cushions, and special backs)
  • Customised seating provision using seating shells and back shells with a user-specific impression created using a vacuum

Registration for wheelchair seating assessment

If you would like to register for a wheelchair seating assessment with our interdisciplinary team, you will need an occupational therapy and physiotherapy prescription from your doctor. You can then make an appointment with our secretary's office.

Interprofessional Conference for Sitting and Mobility

The 7th Interprofessional Conference on Sitting and Mobility (ICSM) at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil is dedicated to the topic: The limits and possibilities of wheelchair seating.

It will take place from 18 - 20 April 2024.

Current courses


As a rule, therapeutic services are charged for – based on the relevant tariff – by the basic insurance offered by the medical health insurance company, accident insurance, or the IV; see the costs for outpatient occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

Our specialist

  • Gabriela Odermatt-Furrer Rollstuhl-Sitz-Zentrum

    Gabriela Odermatt-Furrer

    Head of the Wheelchair Seating Centre


Administration office hours

Monday to Thursday:
8 am to midday
1 pm to 5 pm

8 am to midday
1 pm to 4 pm


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