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    Write your will on time

    Planning creates freedom 

How to settle your estate

Nobody likes thinking about death. However, it is important to consider in good time how to pass on your assets. Write your will early to ensure that those people closest to you are the ones who inherit. Or if you want to leave a sum of money to a charitable organisation, make sure that everything is settled unambiguously.

The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation and the VermögensZentrum (VZ) wealth management centre would like to support you in the writing of your will to ensure that your last will and testament represents your wishes.

A consultation at the VZ is worth it for you

Although settling your own estate is challenging, professional planning can prevent conflicts between heirs at an early stage. Good planning helps to guarantee financial security for your partner and to save taxes. Our partnership with the VermögensZentrum simplifies this process for you.

Tips about your will

You should pay attention to this:


  1. Write it by hand
  2. No joint will
  3. Leave your estate to your partner
  4. Set up legacies
  5. Record advance legacies
  6. Nominate alternate heirs
  7. Issue specifications about inheritance partitioning
  8. Stipulate conditions
  9. Appoint an executor
  10. Store your will correctly

Enquiries and contact

Do you have questions about your estate, or would you like to remember the Swiss Paraplegic Foun-dation in your will? I will be delighted to advise you personally.

  • Franzisca Beck

    Fundraising Director
    Telephone +41 41 939 62 62
    Fax +41 41 939 62 63

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