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The Innovation Centre for Assistive Technologies (IAT) promotes innovations in order to guarantee the best possible provision of aids for people with spinal cord injuries. The centre’s commitment can be found at the point where the market economy reaches its limits. Comprehensive rehabilitation is used to promote independence in the life of people with a spinal cord injury. We achieve this by developing aids, sports and therapy equipment, as well as educational and integration techniques.

  • Independence significantly affects a person’s quality of life. The supply and further development of assistive aids is essential in the context of comprehensive rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injuries. The provision of aids promises enhanced freedom, in particular in terms of mobility and communication. However, the further development of instruments for care and everyday life also enhances living comfort.

  • There are two main points of focus in the field of sport and therapy. On the one hand, the Innovation Centre for Assistive Technologies (IAT) is working on the further development of training and sports equipment. On the other hand, it is gaining valuable insights in the fields of diagnostics and therapy technologies.

    Although there are now various types of sport for wheelchair users and sports wheelchairs that meet specific needs, the innovation potential in the world of wheelchair sport has by no means been exhausted.

    There is also development potential for sports equipment that can be used as a therapeutic tool to achieve rehabilitation goals such as improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and movement coordination.

  • The field of integration promotes aids that facilitate the return to professional and social life for people with spinal cord injuries.

    Education is of paramount importance to the whole Paraplegic Group. It is in the interest of the Group and of everyone with a spinal cord injury to share the knowledge gained in order to make daily progress towards the goal of comprehensive rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injuries. Innovative presentation and teaching aids are required in order to transmit complex contents to students and interested parties in a meaningful way. 

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