Intensive care

Comprehensive interdisciplinary healthcare and treatment

The Intensive Care Unit treats patients involved in emergency situations. People involved in emergency situations require intensive therapy, care and supervision.

The intermediary between the medical staff and the patient

For new accident victims and seriously ill patients and their relatives, the Intensive Care Unit is the first point of contact with the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC). Helping people in emergency situations is no easy task. During such situations, it is especially important that the patient’s medical condition and the next steps be presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. One of the jobs of the Intensive Care Unit to act as the intermediary between the medical staff and the patient.



The Intensive Care Unit is supported by interdisciplinary teams of professionals. By participating in continuing education courses both at and outside the SPC, we are constantly refining our knowledge and improving the quality of our patient care. Our daily work is centred around evidence-based guidelines and principles.


We train our nursing staff in the Swiss qualifications HF/FH, NDS-IPS, as well as FAGE IPS. The Intensive Care Unit maintains close relations with our external partners to ensure employees have access to postgraduate studies in intensive care.

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