• Florian Meister

    Florian Meister

    Management IAT

    Phone +41 41 939 63 71

    As an innovation centre, we develop and support ideas and projects together with our network, which helps people with spinal paralysis to achieve the greatest possible independence. The innovations and the targeted use of new technologies should create added value for those affected.

  • Portraitaufnahme von Andreas Gautschi

    Andreas Gautschi

    Project manager

    Phone +41 41 939 63 68

    Innovations and new technologies open up previously non-existent possibilities that make life easier for people with spinal cord injuries. The IAT identifies needs, bundles a wide range of specialist knowledge, and uses it to develop solutions.

  • Portraitaufnahme von Tobias Höller

    Tobias Höller


    Phone +41 41 939 66 82

    Our motivation is to use technological innovation to open up new horizons for people with spinal cord injuries. 

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