Forschung Schweizer Paraplegiker-Gruppe


The core activities of the Swiss Paraplegic Group (SPG) are education, research and innovation. Research helps us improve existing know-how and uncover new techniques. Our cutting-edge research methods allow us to explore and develop solutions and strategies for specific issues. We use our research results for the long-term development of our clinical care services and the life-long accompaniment of people with spinal cord injuries, addressing the latter’s questions on everything from physical capacities to cultivating a sense of well-being in their everyday lives, for the rest of their lives.

SPG research opens up previously unknown possibilities for all areas of life, and keeps our products and services innovative and competitive.  To this end, we have incorporated Swiss Paraplegic Research with the SPG, and set up our Clinical Research Department at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre.

  • Swiss Paraplegic Research Ltd (SPR) is a non-university research institution that acts on both the national and international scale in the area of comprehensive, patient-focused functionality and rehabilitation research.

  • The Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) conducts applied clinical research in a variety of medical fields (including therapy and care), with the goal of improving the results of the acute medical and rehabilitative treatment offered to patients with spinal cord injuries and related spinal cord disorders.

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