The three most common causes of accidents

Our everyday lives are full of situations in which even the smallest acts of carelessness can lead to accidents – most of the time, fortunately, without any serious consequences. Nevertheless, every other day someone in Switzerland suffers a spinal cord injury

Source: Swiss Paraplegic Centre (2020)


1. cause of accident: fall

2. cause of accident: sport

3. cause of accident: traffic

We assist paraplegics –
for the rest of their lives.

It’s more than just money – it’s a contribution to the gift of life. People who suffer spinal cord injuries are confronted with a great deal of additional expenses, such as those for the adaptation of their living quarters or cars. In an effort to spare as much financial stress as possible, members who are involved in an accident that results in a spinal cord injury with permanent dependence upon a wheelchair will receive a CHF 250,000 benefactor support payment.

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