Marcel Hug im OT FOXX Rennrollstuhl im Windkanal


Dokumentarfilm GO4GOLD

GO4GOLD documentary

Limits are meant to be broken. This film shows a team, a racing wheelchair, and racing driver Marcel Hug united in a clear mission: to get gold! Paralympic precious metal and even more significant treasures. A true and gripping story. Enjoy!

Together with Formula 1 company Sauber and other partners, Orthotec, a subsidiary of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, has manufactured the world’s fastest racing wheelchair. Known as OT FOXX, the Swiss innovation has fired the imagination of a whole sport since its market launch in 2021. Exceptional talent Marcel Hug was part of the development team. In the best form of his life, he continues to break records in track races and road marathons. An increasing number of athletes are achieving success with the Swiss material. Now, the short GO4GOLD film tells of the adventurous journey from the idea to Marcel Hug's quadruple Paralympic gold in Tokyo.

GO4GOLD, documentary (2023), 28 min, with Marcel Hug
Produced by: Woop Productions and Fidelio
Films In cooperation with: Orthotec, Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, Swiss Paraplegic Research, Sauber Group, Swiss Side, ETH Zurich

© Orthotec AG, Swiss Paraplegic Foundation

«Wheelchair racing is an inconceivably exciting sport at an elite level. Which is why it deserves world-class equipment..»

Stefan Dürger, Managing Director Orthotec
Orthotec Rennrollstuhl OT Foxx im Windkanal mit Nebel

People with a spinal cord injury achieve top-class performances every day!

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The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation and its subsidiaries support people with a spinal cord injury. Throughout their lives. In order to enable them to live as healthy and self-determined a life as possible.

Our comprehensive approach is unique in the world. World class that is possible thanks to the solidarity of our 1.9 million members. Are you one of them yet?

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