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    • The Best of Men (homage to the father of the Paralympics)Heart-warming BBC film about Sir Ludwig Guttmann, the innovative specialist in the treatment of people with a spinal cord injury and father of today's Paralympics. For anyone interested in the history of medicine and anyone who could do with a motivational boost from a (film) doctor.
    • Don’t Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foott: The tragicomedy Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot is based on the autobiography of John Callahan who found a passion for drawing off-colour cartoons after a car accident at the age of 21 left him with a spinal cord injury. For fans of oddball humour and true stories.
    •  100 Meters After his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, family man Ramón decides to train for an Ironman triathlon with the help of his bad-tempered father-in-law.
    •  UntouchableThe film is based on the autobiographical memoir of the former Managing Director of the Pommery Champagne company who had a paragliding accident that left him with tetraplegia. A film for everyone who loves French flair in films.
    •  Step by StepAn autobiography filmed by the author himself: rapper and poetry slammer Grand Corps Malade (tall sick body) shows what life in rehabilitation is like for people with tetraplegia. If you read the blurb you may not want to believe it, but Step by Step truly is a gentle, heart-warming, and at times hilariously funny comedy.
    •  The Diving Bell and the ButterflyHe was 43 years old, the father of two children and a successful editor when, on 8 December 1995, a stroke robbed him of all his previous life opportunities. Fifteen months later he finished writing a book that he had dictated by only blinking his left eye, which was the sole means of communication he had left.
    • BreatheRobin and Diana fall madly in love in 1950s England. They soon marry and have a child. However, when Robin contracts polio during a stay in Kenya, their relationship is put to the test.
    •  Rising PhoenixElite athletes and insiders reflect on the Paralympics and their effect on the global understanding of disability, diversity and excellence.

    • Gold. Du kannst mehr als du denkst (Gold: you can do more than you think)German documentary film about three exceptional athletes: the German swimmer Kirsten Bruhn who has a spinal cord injury, the blind marathon runner Henry Wanyoike, and the Australian wheelchair racer Kurt Fearnley. For people who want to be inspired by genuine emotions, true strength and real performances and people who want to enjoy breathtaking images.

    • Weglaufen geht nicht (you can't run away)Young Elodie has to face up to the diagnosis of a spinal cord injury after a car accident. At first, Elodie and her family don't know how to deal with this blow of fate.

    •  Schwerelos (weightless)After his mother's death, Paul would like to fulfil her last wish. However, the task is not that easy as it involves climbing a mountain,  which wheelchair user Paul cannot manage alone.

    • Me Before YouBeautiful and emotional film production that is close to the original best-selling book with the same title by Jojo Moyes, who also wrote the script.

    • You're Not YouSuccessful pianist Kate is diagnosed with ALS at the pinnacle of her career. When care becomes too much for her husband, Kate employs the brash college student Bec as an assistant. The two of them develop a strong relationship. Kate experiences adventures through Bec, while Bec experiences stability in her life through Kate.

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