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Wheelchair sports

We share your passion for sport!

Sportsmanship is in our company’s DNA. We can be a valuable partner to you in multiple ways:  

We promote our athletes and events with passion and enjoyment in the most varied types of wheelchair sports (athletics, hand biking, rugby, basketball, winter sports, etc.) through sponsorship, technical services and devices that we develop together with the athletes. We accompany and support athletes at national and international competitions, for example through our technicians at the Paralympics and at other championships. It is important to us to promote elite sports and recreational sports equally.

We are proud to be an official supplier of Swiss Paralympic


    Wheelchair sports make #freedomofmovement accessible. Sport has a positive effect on body and mind and enriches your day-to-day life. This is so important to us in our role as a supplier that we provide active financial support for wheelchair sports. For this reason we offer everyone with a spinal cord injury and similar disabilities 10% discount on the sales price of sports aids. This also applies to institutions.


    Further details:
    If the sports device is financed by insurance contributions, the 10% is applied to the excess.
    The discount also applies to repairs and modifications, including material, in the area of sports aids.
    According to our definition, sports aids include, for example, rugby wheelchairs, racing wheelchairs, hand bikes, sports prostheses and orthotic devices, including accessories for the aid, such as wheels, tyres, etc.
    It does not include accessories such as standard commercial gloves or helmets, etc.
    Any arising transport costs are excluded from the discount.

Principle of innovation

Elite sports are an innovation driver for us. In exactly the same way as the sport of motor racing uses Formula 1, we use the insights relating to sports medicine, technology and commerce that we gain from elite sports for recreational sports, general wheelchair technology, medicine and rehabilitation. This means that elite sports offer a very direct benefit to all wheelchair users, also in the sense of the best possible medical and therapeutic provision of wheelchairs. This is why we work consistently on new developments and improvements in terms of materials, production processes, aerodynamics and shapes.

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