Seating aids

Correct and pain-free sitting

Even simple aids such as a seating wedge, donut cushion or padding can be extremely effective in the case of back pain, vertebral fractures or surgical interventions.

Sitting is essential for people who rely on a wheelchair to be able to participate in professional and social life. A wide range of seating cushions with the most varied of properties ideally cover individual seating requirements.

Seat and back padding

Specifically adapted seat and back padding are extremely effective aids for people who are susceptible to pressure sores or who have severely limited seating stability and postural control. To ensure that our customers receive optimal care, we work in close cooperation with the Wheelchair Seating Centre (RSZ) when adjusting these seating components.

A selection of our offers:

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sitzhilfen Sissel Sitzring

    Seating cushions, donut cushions and wedge cushions, filled with air or with viscoelastic foamed material, adapt to the body, reduce pressure sores and guarantee a comfortable sitting sensation. These cushions allow comfortable sitting, e.g. on an office chair, a car seat or as an outdoor surface. Also suitable for able-bodied people.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sitzhilfen Rollstuhl-Kissen Promefa Roho

    Wheelchair cushions guarantee a pleasant sitting experience. The right cushion is decisive for the long-term well-being of every wheelchair user. Our range comprises everything from single-layer to multiple-layer cushions made of foamed material all the way to high-quality air cushions or honeycomb cushions. A seating cushion that has been customised to individual conditions and requirements provides outstanding seating stability, good circulation in the area of the buttocks and can reduce the risk of pressure sores. We will be happy to advise you in order to ensure that your needs are met. Come and see us for a consultation without obligation or contact us by telephone.

  • Orthotec Orthopädietechnik Sitzhilfen Sitz- und Rückenbettung Massanfertigung hoch Pflegerollstuhl

    When ready-made seating cushions and backrest systems do not achieve the desired effect, customised seat and backrest padding is used. Vacuum impressions are taken so that every seating component is produced in accordance with the requirements of our customers.
    If the torso muscles are paralysed, spastic or cannot be specifically controlled, the ability to achieve an optimal seating position independently is often restricted. This can result in pressure sores, curvature of the spine and seating instability. The made-to-measure seating components allow an optimal position in the wheelchair. This means that misalignments and pressure sores can be avoided. In addition, a reduction in spasticity and decreased restriction of arm and hand functions is often discernible.

    Close cooperation with our customers and the specialists from the Wheelchair Seating Centre (RSZ) means that we find the optimal solution.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sitzhilfen Rückensysteme Sunrise Jay3 Back

    Backrest systems consist of a solid shell that is mounted on the back tube of the wheelchair. The back shell is available in the most varied of sizes and widths and comes with a deep or flat back contour. An anatomically adjusted backrest system achieves an upright seating position and thus improves stability when sitting. These advantages help to improve the functions of the body. User-friendly fixing clamps mean that the back shells can be removed in just a few steps, for example when folding up the wheelchair.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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