Auxiliary drives

Improving independent mobility

Auxiliary electric drives can be combined with a manual wheelchair. By connecting the auxiliary drive, which can usually be done in just a few steps, the manual wheelchair is complemented with the electric drive. Thanks to the auxiliary drive, independent mobility can be significantly improved for many users.

Here is a small selection:

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Elektro Hilfsantriebe Atec Swiss Trac

    Whether you need to deal with pavements, country tracks, forest paths, meadow paths, sharp inclines, steep, uneven terrain or long distances – you can do all this with the Swiss-Trac without any physical exertion. The Swiss-Trac is powerful, quiet, completely tilt-proof and easy to operate. The Swiss-Trac is ideal to transport, whether in your own estate car or by aeroplane. With the pivoting steering column, the Swiss-Trac is easy to load and unload without outside help using access ramps. The parking brake can be used to secure the traction device in the boot of the car.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Elektro Hilfsantriebe Alber e-fix

    e-fix, the electric auxiliary drive for your wheelchair, allows you to cover long distances quickly and without effort. The conversion is extremely easy: simply exchange the drive wheels, install the battery pack and control unit, and you are ready to go. The motors are discreetly concealed in the wheel hubs. Almost all common wheelchair models can be equipped with e-fix in this way. This means that you can continue to use your optimally adjusted wheelchair. With the great benefit of considerably more mobility. The powerful e-fix can also easily handle ramps and inclines of up to 20 %.
    A battery charge lasts for about 16 km. The speed ranges from 0.5 - 6 km/h.

    There are two different models:

    • e-fix E35; for people up to a maximum weight of 120 kg, 18.9 kg total weight
    • e-fix E36; for people up to a maximum weight of. 160 kg, 19.3 kg total weight
  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Elektro Hilfsantriebe Alber e-motion

    The e-motion combines active mobility with therapeutic benefits. Electric motors that are integrated into the wheel hubs provide effective assistance for the wheelchair user's pushing movement. The user moves constantly, thus improving vital functions.
    There is no pressure on muscles and joints. Little effort is required to move independently and to increase one's radius of action.
    The e-motion has two different driving levels for optimal power assistance in any situation. This electric assistance device fits onto almost all standard commercial wheelchair models. The range is about 25 km, and the weight is 10.5 kg per wheel.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Elektro Hilfsantriebe Alber Viamobil

    Viamobil V25 is the powerful pushing and braking aid for wheelchairs. With its extremely high level of versatility (fits onto almost every wheelchair) and its power (high user weight, high climbing capabilities), it sets standards while also achieving outstanding economic viability through its reuse. Given the fact that the target group consists mainly of senior citizens, a great deal of attention was paid to the safety and user-friendliness of the Viamobil. The speed is 1 - 5.5 km/h. The total weight is 13.5 kg.

  • PAWS for manual wheelchairs is a great alternative to the car and is ideal for longer trips in the city and the countryside. The three PAWS models CITY, CRUISER and TOURER are each distinguished by their wheel type and have been developed for different types of terrain.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Elektro Hilfsantriebe Pro Activ wheel-e

    The WHEEL-E allows easy and independent propulsion in one's own wheelchair. Whether pavements, forest and meadow paths, uphill or downhill slopes, driving with the WHEEL-E requires no physical exertion. The WHEEL-E is delivered with a colour display for the electric drive system, which provides assistance for a maximum speed of 6 km/h (approved for use in public spaces and in road traffic). With a dual battery, the range is up to 80 km, but this can be extended by means of recuperation when driving downhill. The basic equipment includes a docking plate for rapid coupling, a display with 6 km/h assistance, a hydraulic brake system, parking stand, sports handlebars, height- and angle adjustable steering column, lighting kit and bell, reverse gear, 20” wheel. Can be ordered with a wide range of accessories, such as mudguards, a luggage rack and a rearview mirror. Removable adapters and fold-away parking stands mean that the packing size is small, total weight 18 kg (13.9 kg without batteries).

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Elektro Hilfsantriebe Stricker Lipo Lomo

    The Lipo Lomo model runs on purely electric assistance without cranking movements, with a twist throttle. This traction aid reaches a speed of up to 10 km/h. The Lipo Lomo is easy to install on any wheelchair with integrated legrests and is suitable for people with upper body limitations.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Elektro Hilfsantriebe Batec Electric

    The practical 2-in-1 solution that has revolutionised outdoor mobility without losing the advantages of the manual wheelchair. There are three different Batec models; Batec Manual, Batec Hybrid (see Hand bike section) and Batec Electric.

    Batec Electric: this offers a solution that encourages outdoor mobility. Full electric assistance means that daily errands can be dealt with in less time and outings to the countryside can take place. The full electric assistance allows a speed of up to 10 km/h to be achieved. Suitable for people who cannot use crank movements in their physical activity.

  • Orthotec Rehatechnik Elektro Hilfsantriebe Sopur Attitude Power

    The Attitude Power model provides the user with 100% assistance. Suitable for almost silent drives over hills, inclines and longer distances. The maximum speed is 6 km/h.

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