Hand bikes

Out and about on a hand bike – mobility, fun and little effort

Hand bikes and recumbent bikes combine therapeutic aspects with a great deal of fun and provide outstanding ergonomics, require little effort and offer a high level of mobility. Thanks to a wide range of adjustment options, they can be individually and optimally adapted. There are virtually no limits to your freedom of movement.

We make a distinction between adaptive bikes and recumbent bikes.

Adaptive bikes

Adaptive bikes are more than “just” a sports device for mobile wheelchair users who enjoy sports. Coupled to the wheelchair, they compensate for the wheelchair's greatest shortcoming, namely its small casters. On an even surface, these small casters provide a reliable service, but as soon as the surface become more bumpy, muddy or snowy, they can drive you mad. An adaptive bike can be an ideal solution in this case.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sportgeraete Handbike Pro Activ NJ1 e-assistant

    The NJ1 e-assistant always permits easy and independent forward motion with your own wheelchair. The drive system supports you when you are pedalling at the set support level (five support levels) up to 24.9 km/h. The traction device is available with a back pedal brake, which makes its use particularly easy for people with tetraplegia.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sportgeraete Handbike Sopur Attiude Hybride

    The Attitude Hybrid combines the advantages of a manual bike with the reliability of powered propulsion. Hilly terrain or longer distances are easy to handle with the power motor that can be engaged when you need it. Simply switch on the desired level of assistance and distribute your effort over the whole distance. The powerful 250-watt motor provides a top speed of up to 23 km/h. The14.5 Ah lithium-ion battery guarantees adequate assistance. The display shows the battery charging level and the remaining battery performance.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sportgeraete Handbike Sopur Attiude Manual

    The Attitude Manual is ideal for those looking to improve their overall stamina and strength through recreational cycling or those looking for a manual adaptive bike for their leisure outings. The 20” drive wheel and the 30-speed gear system provide an exceptional driving performance, which is suitable for all terrains. The bike is lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, which makes it the perfect complement to an active wheelchair.

  • Orthotec Rehatechnik Elektro Hilfsantriebe Sopur Attitude Power

    With its simple docking mechanism, the ATTITUDE can be attached to and removed from the wheelchair in seconds, which is ideal when you have no time to lose or are in a rush. The locking mechanism attaches securely to the front of the wheelchair. The only parts that are permanently attached to the wheelchair are two light pins with a diameter of 2 cm on the front of the wheelchair frame.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sportgeraete Handbike Batec Manual

    Propulsion using pure muscle strength without electric assistance. The small turning diameter makes this adaptive bike ideal for getting about town as well as for short distances. Thanks to the BATEC EASY-FIX anchor system, the adaptive bike can be removed in just seconds and the manual wheelchair can be used as always.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sportgeraete Handbike Batec Hybrid

    The practical 2-in-1 solution that has revolutionised outdoor mobility without losing the advantages of the manual wheelchair. The motor gives the user the necessary power to perform the cranking movement required to get everywhere. Thanks to the BATEC EASY-FIX anchor system, the adaptive bike can be removed in just seconds and the manual wheelchair can be used as always.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sportgeraete Handbike Stricker Lipo Smart

    The main focus of the Lipo Smart models is on sport and fun. In addition to the muscle activity from cranking with the arms, the 250-watt motor provides assistance for rapid propulsion. As an option, up to three lithium-ion batteries can be engaged, which means that extremely long distances (about 40 km per battery, depending on the driver, terrain, setting and surface) can be covered. The level of assistance can be set continuously. In addition, three levels of speed can be pre-selected. The adaptive bikes have a setting-off aid and can also be optionally equipped with extra batteries, a coaster brake, fittings for tetraplegia (such as chin controls and tetra handles), shopping basket, etc. The speed with full assistance is between 23 - 25 km/h. The hybrid drives come in two versions: Stricker Lipo Smart PARA for people with good hand function and Stricker Lipo Smart TETRA for people with restricted hand function (chin controls, coaster brake, special handles, lower gear on hills)

Recumbent bikes

A recumbent bike speeds over the asphalt, just a few centimetres above the ground. Compared to the upright adaptive bike, it is plain to see that the essential purpose of a recumbent bike is to move fast in a race.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Spezialanfertigungen Orthotec Liegebike Champion
    • Lightweight bike with a carbon frame, weight 10 - 12 kg
    • Insertable rear wheels
    • Adjustable headrests
    • Individually adjustable crank drive
    • Individually adjustable legrests
    • World hour record: achieved by Heinz Frei with this model
    • Individual additions and fittings according to customer wishes
  • Orthotec Rehatechnik Sportgeräte Handbike Liegebike Carbonbike R-2020
    • 36 cm frame width, carbon, 45 cm rear wheel axle
    • 75 cm carbon Aero fork
    • 165 mm x 14" aluminium crank set
    • 30° handles, medium size
    • SRAM Etap 12-speed gears 10 - 36
    • Front derailleur 48/33 teeth
    • 650c carbon front wheel tubular tyre
    • 20" carbon rear wheels with tubular tyres
    • 12° wheel camber
  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sportgeraete Handbike Top End Force RX

    The Force RX recumbent bike was developed for top-level competitions. This bike combines the properties of the high-speed Force X and the adjustability of the Force R. The result is a lightweight, powerful and aerodynamic hand bike without limits. There is a choice of an adjustable carbon backrest or a welded backrest. The racing bike is equipped with a 30-speed drive train.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sportgeraete Handbike Sunrise Shark RS

    The new innovative frame design of the Sopur Shark allows individual positioning. The frame surrounds the driver. When force is introduced it is converted directly into propulsion. A low centre of gravity and wide wheelbase enables higher cornering speeds whilst maintaining maximum stability.

  • Orthotec Rehabilitationstechnik Sportgeraete Handbike Praschberger Speedbike comp. CC

    The all-terrain statement for your off-road passion.


    • 30-gear shifter
    • 26" front and rear wheels
    • Hydraulic disc brake
    • Ergonomically shaped carbon backrest (depth and angle can be adjusted)
    • Mountain bike tyres
    • Optional electric assistance and rear frame with suspension with disc brake

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