Rehabilitative care

Improving health literacy – with the help of outside partners

During the rehabilitation process, patients relearn how to take care of their bodies. Our nursing team works closely with patients to devise personalised goals that are geared toward the particular living situations of patients and their relatives. Patient education includes improving the health literacy of each and every patient by way of tailor-made counselling sessions, instructional courses and training exercises.

Care vision – for a self-determined life

Rehabilitation care in the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) means encouraging and supporting patients in their independence with the aim of helping them find their way back to a life that is as independent and self-determined as possible.

Thorough discharge planning is an important part of the rehabilitation process, as patients and relatives must be well-versed in how to proceed once they are back at home. ParaHelp offers invaluable assistance during this transition.


All discharge planning is conducted in close collaboration with the experts at ParaHelp.

Teamwork encourages success

In order to offer the very best in rehabilitative care, all SPC nursing staff are evaluated according to our own skills and training standards. We take great care to build effective teams of experienced professionals. Our employees value working with people of all ages and backgrounds, as well as the encouragement they receive to cultivate their talent to help discover new and improved treatments.

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