Nursing at the Centre for Pain Medicine

Our nurses have been trained in acute, emergency and pain therapy, and are part of the Centre for Pain Medicine’s interdisciplinary team and its multimodal therapy approach.

  • We offer professional and compassionate care to patients and their relatives during their stay at the pain centre.
  • Our attitude is characterised by appreciation and respect.
  • We encourage interdisciplinary teamwork between our doctors, therapists and counsellors.
  • We conduct our own nursing activities, and independently implement diagnostic and therapeutic measures with doctors.
  • We help doctors with diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

Our specialists

With us, you’re always in good hands. We are knowledgeable and committed, open to dialogue and exploring new solutions and conscious of our responsibility and your need for the very best in care.

  • Barbara Jost

    Head of Nursing at the Centre for Pain Medicine

  • Peter van der Zee

    Deputy Head of Nursing at the Centre for Pain Medicine

    Registered Nurse in Anaesthesiology

  • Patrizia Huber

    Registered Nurse in Intensive Care

  • Barbara Matz

    Registered Nurse in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

  • Susanne Krummenacher

    Certified Nurse

  • Claudia Zaugg

    Certified Nurse

  • Brigitte Baur

    Nursing Assistant