Art therapy

Art therapy is a form of treatment that is focused on action, experience, and resources. It uses all forms of artistic media to accompany and support the rehabilitation process. Art therapy offers room and support for perceiving, expressing, and sharing individual feelings and experience.

It does not require any previous artistic abilities. The therapy is adapted to the patient’s functional capabilities and emotional state.


Art therapy at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre

Our services

Inpatient and outpatient art therapy in an individual setting; also in groups in some cases.


Our fields of activity

  • Reducing emotional stress and providing support

  • Enabling a creative process

  • Activating powers of self-healing
  • Shaping the patient’s new life situation
  • Finding a way to deal with pain
  • Discovering new possibilities and solutions
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Supporting internal and external resources


In the acute phase

  • Promoting clarity of consciousness and orientation

  • Promoting the ability to communicate (including non-verbally)

  • Stabilisation



  • Painting and drawing using a range of materials
  • Three-dimensional design with clay or soapstone
  • Receptive consideration of images
  • Working with words, poetry and fairytales
  • Working with sand and figures
  • Imagination; art therapy is possible even with a high degree of paralysis


Primary indications

  • Dealing with trauma

  • Acute and chronic pain

  • Psychosomatic symptoms
  • Restriction of communication
  • Long periods of bed rest



German, English, French and Italian


Costs for outpatient art therapy

CHF 120 / 60 min.


Supported by medical health insurance companies

For outpatient art therapy in the framework of supplementary insurance. It is recommended that you obtain a confirmation of insurance coverage from your health insurance company in advance.


We offer internship positions

Please contact Administration to ask us about this.


Our art therapists

Our team consists of three qualified art therapists.


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