24h-Notfall Schweizer Paraplegiker Zentrum

24-hour emergency services

Emergency admissions around the clock

The Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) Nottwil is recognised by the Union of Swiss Surgical Societies as a specialist clinic for delivering primary care to patients with spinal cord injuries. Emergency patients are admitted around the clock. Immediate treatment by experienced specialists guarantees that damage to the spinal cord and spine is kept to a minimum.

Emergency telephone

In the first six hours there is a realistic chance that imminent spinal cord injury can be alleviated or even avoided.

24/7/365 – Always here for you!

The figures and our experience speak volumes: In 80 cases out of every 100, an accident need not mean lasting damage to the spine and spinal cord. In the first six hours there is a realistic chance that imminent spinal cord injury can be alleviated or even avoided. After this crucial window of time, it is unfortunately often too late.

Following direct transfer to a specialist clinic, professional acute care is also a decisive factor when it comes to long-term effects in those affected. The Swiss Paraplegic Centre’s expertise in this regard is reflected, as just one example, in the fact that increasing numbers of recently-injured accident victims are being transported to the organisation directly. There, they find themselves in just the right place for the comprehensive rehabilitation and care that they need.

The advantages for patients at the SPC

  • Emergency care administered by specialists, around the clock

  • Admission and treatment of patients with spinal cord injuries from throughout Switzerland

  • Specialised knowledge and practical experience in the comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries
  • A comprehensive range of medical and therapeutic services under one umbrella
  • Contemporary facilities for precise and careful diagnosis and surgery
  • Consultancy services, and a network of external specialists whose expertise is available in areas outside the SPC’s offering
  • Interdisciplinary methodologies in experienced teams
  • Central location and easy access from around the country

Our specialists

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